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Before cyber exercise

1. Will information about the scenario (topology, credentials, operating systems, network devices) be available previously?

No, information about the scenario will not be shared previously.


2. Any recommendations before?

  • Prepare and plan the resources you will need to meet the technical requiriments.
  • Read carefully the competition rules and the plataform handbook you will receive.
  • Join the previous meeting (introductory and test sessions).


During cyber exercise

3. How can we access to International CyberEx environment?

Environment will be accesible via web browser. We will provide the URL to the participants.


4. Will there be a limit of connections or IP addresses for each team?

There will be an user per team member, but only one connection per team member is allowed. If you have n team members, you will have n users and n simultaneous connections are allowed, one per user.


5. If we answer a flag wrong, do you subtract points?

No, you can try various times answering a flag without losing points.


6. Will there be parallel challenges to solve? Or will there be only one challenge at a time?

Yes. Each flag will unlock one or more tasks to solve, so you can advance in parallel most of the time.


7. Will it be necessary a write-up after each challenge describing what has been done?

No write-up will be needed.


8. Do you have hints in flags?

Yes, you have three hints for each challenge, but all hints subtract points to the whole team. Only the team captain can request a hint.


9. Will there be a scoreboard?

Yes, there will be a scoreboard, so every team can see all scores. But it could be switched off one hour before end of the exercise to create some buzz between teams.


10. How does scoreboard work?

Each flag has a defined amount of points and these points are added to team when team captain answers it rightly. The only thing that subtract you points is asking for hints, and you will receive a confirmation message notifying how many points will be subtracted to the flag.

You can try to answer a flag as many times as you want, there are no limitations or penalties.

No bonus points are available, reaching a flag before other teams doesn't give you more points.


11. Will users be monitored in order to check that the rules are followed?

Yes, there will be "marshalls" monitoring the platform. So first bad behavior is a warning, second bad behavior is a kick-out.

Misbehavior examples are:

  • Brute-force
  • Attacking to the infrastructure
  • Denial of service
  • Removing files from machines

A complete list of rules is available in player documentation.


12. May misbehavior of a member disqualify the team?

Yes, misbehavior of a team member will disqualify the whole team.


13. Could we ask organization for support during cyber exercise?

Yes, during the exercise you can send us technical questions through the support channel.


14. Will information about the scenario (topology, credentials, operating systems, network devices) be available?

No, we will not share information about the scenario. You will get small pieces of information when you advance through the scenario.


15. Any recommendations during cyber exercise?

  • Be patient.
  • Use the hints if you have problems. Sometimes is better to go through the next flag, losing some points.
  • Syntax is important, a small modifier may be critical for answering wrong a flag.


After cyber exercise

16. Will the official writeups be published?

We don't expect to publish or share the official writeups after the exercise.


17. Will ranking be public?

Only TOP 10 teams will be announced. The rest of the positions will be anonymous.