The purpose of the International CyberEx is to carry out a cyber exercise among the Member States of the Organization of American States (OAS) and of the countries invited by the National Institute of Cybersecurity of Spain (INCIBE) in order to strengthen the ability to respond to cyber incidents, as well as to improve collaboration and cooperation in this type of incident. The exercise focuses directly on technical security profiles with strong knowledge in the field of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

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  • Cyber exercise execution starts July 25th , 14:00 UTC


Technical model

The cyber exercise will take place in form of a CTF (Capture the Flag) in small teams. This format is based on a model of cyber security competition and is designed to serve as a training exercise that allows participants to gain experience in tracking an intrusion, as well as to improve reaction capacities to cyber attacks analogous to those that happen in the real world. There are two main styles for the CTF: attack/defense and jeopardy. The latter is suitable for expanding technical capabilities.

Jeopardy-style competitions are usually composed of several categories of problems, each containing a variety of questions of different values. Teams compete in an 8-hour session for being the first to solve the greatest number of challenges but do not directly attack each other.


Team profile

The countries that may participate are the OAS Member States as well as the countries of the CSIRTs invited by INCIBE. Each country may have 1 or more representative teams which shall include professionals from various fields and reinforce collaboration between institutions. The final selection of teams will be made by INCIBE and the Cybersecurity Program of the OAS.

The language used during the cyber exercise will be English.

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Past editions: 2016